Margaux 2005 was the most traded wine on Liv-ex this weekend

Château Margaux led trade this weekend, as automation use increases, making October the second-biggest month for non-weekday activity on the marketplace. 

  • Bordeaux labels led trade on Liv-ex this weekend  
  • Weekend trading levels have been rising this autumn. 
  • October’s trade is already the second-biggest month yet recorded. 

Château Margaux 2005 was the most traded wine on Liv-ex over the weekend. It last traded at £6,580 per 12×75, as shown in the chart below.  

Margaux 2005 trades on Liv-ex over the past year 

AngélusPavie and Lafleur from the Right Bank also traded in what was a Bordeaux-led weekend. 

In total, wines traded on the exchange over the weekend accounted for 8% of the total trade this week (by value).  

This February it was noted that buying and selling at the weekend was approaching new heights. And weekend trade is certainly back on upward swing this autumn.  

The chart below shows the level of trade on Liv-ex over the weekend (with a twomonth rolling average). As you can see, a big spike occurred in March when the US got rid of the 25% tariffs on European wines. Weekend trade then returned to more normal levels over the rest of the year but has been building again this autumn. 

October is already the second-biggest month recorded for non-weekday trading. The reason for this recent spike is more members being connected to Liv-ex via our Automation services and members listing stock LIVE. 

Head to the recent trades tab on the exchange for an overview of what traded this weekend.   

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