The best investment of the noughties?

By November 23, 2009Bordeaux, Fine Wine Market, Regions

What was the best investment of the noughties? 

According to the Guardian newspaper, a case of 1982 Lafite Rothschild. 

The Guardian looked at how a variety of investments have performed over the past decade, with Lafite 1982's 876% return beating all others. 

The next best? A fund that invested largely in the shares of gold mines (+684%), followed by the shares of British American Tobacco (+454%).

The data the Guardian used was the Liv-ex Mid Price for a 12x75cl case of Lafite on 31st December 1999 (£2,613) compared to its value on 31st October 2009 (£25,500).

Of course, no other wine has done quite as well as Lafite. The Liv-ex Fine Wine Investables Index, which tracks the price of top vintages from 24 leading Bordeaux chateaux, is up 'just' 176%  over the same period – which equates to around 11% compound annual growth.